Indian food blog income report 2021

Indian food blog income report 2021

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Finally! sharing my Indian food blog income report 2021. I have made my very first income from my food blog, I am very happy and proud of writing this.

I have shared all my experiences regarding courses, ads, social media etc. this post might be little longer so grab a cup of coffee or tea and start reading or you can quickly jump to the topics as per your interest by clicking on the link mentioned below.

Note: this Indian food blog income report 2021 not only includes the achievements but also includes failures and reality.

Quick jump

About shellyfoodspot

I started this food blog on August 2019 while pursuing MBA, with 0 knowledge of SEO, Headings, Keyword research tool and many things. Their was only one thing in my mind that I want to share recipe and I really loved cooking.

In the time span of August2019-March2020 I only posted 7 to 8 recipes as I had exams, classes, presentation and a very hectic schedule.

But after coronavirus pandemic everything got changed, No college! No class! this was the time I started focusing on blog.

My grandma, mother, house helper and my brother has helped me a lot. my grandma and my mum gives me a lot of ideas for different recipes, my brother is always the first one to taste all the food I make.

Their is lot of work going on every single post like recipe testing, writing, photography, editing, sharing on social media platforms…….this cycle keeps going.

Most of the work is single handed by me.

Success doesn’t comes in a day, you will definitely get reward when you work hard.


Food blogger pro review

This course is the complete treasure and highly recommend for food bloggers. I purchased one month membership and it helped me a lot.

They have lots of different modules for every topic and the best thing is FBP community, everyone is very helpful in the community. I tried completing whole course in a month as I can’t spend more money for yearly membership.

Everyday I was learning something new from this course and started to execute my learning’s on my blog.

If you’re looking for free food blogger community membership then must join Eatblogtalk, you can build connection with other food bloggers and help each other in forum.

Personally I love Eatblogtalk community, it’s been 6 months since I’ve joined and I highly recommend it. They have paid and free membership as well.


Tooked many free and one paid course from udemy, this course was worth it i learned about more free useful tools for blogging and about social media too. It only costed me around ₹400.

Other free courses for food bloggers

I am always looking for more and more free+very knowledgable courses or workshop or email courses or webinar and here are some of my findings, if you’re new to food blogging then these might help you:

  • Free email course by Jason Logsdon on digital products, cooking courses and ad network.
  • offer wide variety of free courses, you can check out as per your interest.
  • It’s been 6 months since I joined EATBLOGTALK community forum they offer both free and paid membership. everyone is very helpful in the community especially Megan (founder) she is very nice person and doing great job to help food bloggers to connect with each other.
  • YouTube is also great platform where I learned many things like food photography, blogging, CSS and many things.
  • Food photography needs daily practice to improve your skills so use shutterstock for practicing your skills and if your images are downloaded by someone then you’ll get paid, so you’re getting double advantage!? (Practice=Money)
Indian food blog income report 2021
Things I use in food photography

Till now I have clicked all my images on my phone (iphone11), using normal notebook as a planner and for noting down all my recipes ingredients, using designed or plain chart paper as a backdrop.

So I always opt for more and more inexpensive things around me it’s not always about purchasing expensive fancy things and getting success.

Of course in future I would love to invest in good cameras and all these stuff when I am capable to purchase on my own.

Social media


I started my blogging journey with Pinterest and It is great platform especially for bloggers. I didn’t used any other social media platform rather than Pinterest for many months as I wanted only to focus on it.

Still I am using normal Pinterest scheduler in which we can schedule 30 pins, me and my mum schedule and post pin. I have used free version of tailwind but now thinking to purchase 1 month plan.

From 0 now I have 3k+ followers on Pinterest and let me tell you the secret to get success on Pinterest?

I.e, Consistency and engaging with your audience is the secret for Pinterest.


On august 2020 I started posting videos on YouTube so that my audience may find videos more useful than images.

Good news one of my shorts videos went viral and got 33lakh views and another video with 78k videos. Now I have 5k+ subscriber on YouTube.


Trying to be consistent on Instagram but still unable to figure out left with 78 followers till now ? but no problem will work on it.

Ad income

Google Adsense

I got monetized on 27 October 2020 by Adsense, let me tell you one it’s very difficult to get accepted by Adsense in one go. I got accepted after 3 to 4 trials.

Plus the earning is very less on Adsense.

Ezoic review

After hitting 10k sessions I got accepted by ezoic, ezoic is far better option than Google Adsense in terms of earnings and especially for new bloggers.

They have $20 payout which is great thing and it is very easy to setup they also appoint personal account manager until the account is fully setup or you can ask them they will setup for you.

If you’re between 9k-10k sessions then Ezoic would be good option as it has no contract and is better alternative than Adsense.

In the starting months I was earning $19-20 now I am earning around $30-32 a month. I managed to complete my first $110 from ezoic and very happy about it.

I know it’s not thousands of dollars but still thought to share my experience with you guys.

Also I have not include the expenses as they are more than my earnings.?


Indian food blog income report 2021
Indian food blog income report 2021

My traffic graph is pretty impressive from no traffic to 500-600 sessions every day, everyday it’s improving and this really keep me motivated.

At beginning I only got traffic from food submissions sites like finding vegan and foodgawker.

At many phases I felt like giving up but co-incidentally every time anything good happened like Pinterest featured one of my recipe and the same recipe was featured on Idiva.

Sometimes many readers sent me feedback and images for my recipes. so their were many small good things going on which kept me motivated and go on with it.


  • Want to complete 50k sessions by the end of this year, eagerly waiting to join meadiavine.
  • Share more and more valuable content with you guys.
  • Be consistent on Instagram and create Facebook page.
  • Take more courses and learn new things everyday.
  • If you have any suggestions then contact me through mail:

Note: First of all, thankyou for reading all the way to almost the end of the post.

So the most important thing to remember is that their would be many people who will taunt you or pull your leg so stay away from those people and do whatever you enjoy! ?

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Indian food blog income report 2021
Indian food blog income report

I have mentioned each and every resource. I think these might help you, give it a try and let me know how it worked for you.?

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