About me-Shellyfoodspot

Hi, you all are welcome to my little corner on the internet dedicated to my love for food. My name is Shelly and I live in India, I have a full-time job in the corporate sector and a part-time food blogger.

I created this website while pursuing MBA to share recipes that are inspired by my grandmother, mother, and street food vendors.

You might be wondering what inspiration comes from street food vendors, these guys are super talented their dishes are creative and have traditional and modern twists. You won’t believe there is a shop in Delhi, India where a person sells 100 types of samosa and there are end of talents.

I love trying to recreate street food vendor recipes at home, it’s a fun challenge though sometimes it’s a failure and sometimes a success. You should try making some too!

So my food journey started when I was in 8th standard and I made cheese pizza bread for guests after watching it on YouTube. After that, I stayed in the hostel for a few years and learned many cooking/life hacks and this was the best time in my life because staying in the hostel is a different pleasure.

And now I am here, You can find recipes ranging from street food to traditional recipes.

As a food blogger, nothing is as satisfying as receiving feedback from the readers who have tried my recipe. It is not just about sharing recipes, it is about celebrating the joy of food. So, to all my readers I encourage you to share feedback. let me know what you liked, and what you might change.

This journey is still going on and I am still learning something new every day, so join me on this delicious journey! If you want to connect or ask a question you can reach me at – shellyfoodspot@gmail.com.

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XoXo, Shelly