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Hii, a warm welcome to my blog.

l am Shelly Kaur, an Indian, a food blogger and completed my MBA this year.

I love to cook and try new recipes. All the recipes in my blog are tried and tasted. My mother is a great cook and she introduces me every day with new techniques, new recipes, and guide me when I am doing wrong.

In India it is considered mandatory for every women to be a great cook so that she can make delicious food for her husband and in-laws but that’s not right everyone should make it mandatory for both male and females.

I won’t say that every Indian has the same thinking but mostly you may find.

So now talking about myself 😅

I enjoy making different snacks or appetiser and love to feed other but their are many small-minded people around me who say:

“She only knows to cook-what about other things”.

“Your girl is ready for marriage”

“What’s the big deal about cooking”

“After few years she will get married and it will be good that she has learned all these things early”

I want to ignore all this but sometimes I think a lot. so, I think no one should make fun if a girl/boy is a great cook or good at household work and it’s not about gender but everyone should know to cook.

This food blog is very special to me and I have done so much hard work in it. My mother helps a lot in creating recipes and give me new ideas related to it.

All types of eater are welcome here. Welcome to my blog. 😄

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