About me-Shellyfoodspot
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Hello everyone and welcome to my food blog “Shellyfoodspot”. This is my creative space where I share the recipes. I am from Delhi, India.

Cooking and me

I started this blog while pursuing my MBA in 2019, I always wanted to make a recipe collection and share my love for cooking. Back then, I didn’t give a lot of time to the blog because I had assignments, exams, presentations, college trips, Internships, etc so I hardly posted a recipe in a month.

So now I am working as a full-time recruiter in a company and a part-time food blogger. I have grown up seeing my mother and grandmother enjoy cooking food and serving it with love. They both are my inspiration, I learn something new every day from them.

I made pizza bread for my cousins when I was in 7th standard from then the journey began, I learned “juggadu cooking” during high school when I was in the hostel where I made Maggie in hot water, wai-wai chaat, salads, upma, etc I really miss those days.

If you would like to connect or ask a question you can reach me at – shellyfoodspot@gmail.com. Follow me on PinterestInstagram & YouTube